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In a context of constrained supply , Renault brand sales amount to 1,466,729 units, -9.4 % vs 2021. In Europe, Renault reaches a market share of 6.4% (-0.7 pts vs 2021) with 832,605 units. As in 2021, the brand shows significant progress in the high value areas – the growing electrified** market, the C-segment, the retail market and the LCV business.

Electrified market

In 2022 Renault becomes the 3rd leading electrified brand (PC market) with 228,000 vehicles sold (+ 12% vs 2021). Renault is the third European brand for EV sales.
In line with its ambitions to achieve the greenest mix on the European market by 2025, with more than 65% of electrified vehicles in the sales mix, Renault increases its mix of electrified sales by +9 pts vs 2021 . The E-Tech range (BEV and Hybrid powertrains) now represents 39% of Renault passenger cars sales in Europe in 2022, while the market average is 31%.

All-new Megane E-Tech Electric completes our BEV offer in Europe in the 2nd half of 2022 and becomes immediately one of the most popular BEV car on retail market with 33,000 sales, with most sales on the high versions with a 450-km range and Open RLink, powered by Google®. In 2023 Renault will launch Megane E-Tech Electric outside Europe.

Full hybrid technology (HEV) is booming with 117,000 units, +64% vs. 2021. This technology, which is highly demanded by private customers, reaches a mix of 30% on Clio, 31% on Captur, 65% on Arkana sales and is already the core version of the New Austral. In 2022, Renault is the second brand in Europe for HEV sales.

High value business

Renault has achieved its retail target, with more than one out of two vehicles sold to private customers. The retail mix rose by +8 points vs 2021 to reach 51%, which is +7 points vs market average. Our retail market share improved by +0.3 pt vs 2021 up to 6,1% in Europe.

The C-segment growth is gaining pace: Renault sales are growing by 21% with more than 200,000 registrations. The success of Renault Arkana continues, with already more than 80,000 sales in 2022 (double vs 2021 – 41,800 sales).


On the European LCV market, Renault reaches the second position with a stable 14.4% market share. In 2022, Renault has completed its LCV range with New Kangoo EV and New Master EV to meet customers' expectations and in line with its electrification ambitions.
Renault is ranking 1st in Small Vans segment and 2nd in Medium/Large Vans segment.

** Includes EV, Hybrid (HEV) and Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), excludes Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)
Outside of Europe, Renault grows on its key markets. Sales volumes total 634, 124 units and are stable vs 2021. The share of sales outside Europe reaches 43.2% of total brand sales.

Turkey, with a volume of 99,639 vehicles sold (+22.6% vs 2021), and a market share up +1.7pt at 12.7%, becomes Renault 4th market, where our product line-up perfectly answers the market’s needs .

In Morocco, sales volumes rose by 11.4% to 26,385 vehicles, and market share reached a record for the last 10 years with 16.3% (+2.9 points).
In India, sales decreased by 9%, and market share by -0.7 pt. Renault remains the leading European OEM on the Indian market.
In Latin America, Renault outperforms with 283,116 sales, +8% vs 2021. Sales volumes rose by 26% in Argentina and 30% in Mexico thanks to the success of Kwid, the 4th best-selling PC vehicle in Latin America.

Renault brand Chief Operating Officer, Fabrice Cambolive concludes:

“The team delivered on our key priorities: the growing electrified market, the C-segment, the retail market. Our E-Tech range perfectly meets customers' expectations and places us as the third brand in Europe on the electrified market.
In 2023, the growth of Renault will be ensured by our unique E-Tech range on the market, a full year of sales of Megane E-Tech Electric and New Austral E-Tech well as 4 important launches with high quality vehicles of which we are proud.“

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